Network Support

Are you having Network performance issues or other problems? We can help find out what is slowing down your Network.

Your Network is the most important part of your Infrastructure, but is often the most overlooked and neglected part of it. A properly designed and maintained Network is one of the best ways to ensure that your Staff are able to work without issues.

Network Performance

Are you having Network performance issues? Is it taking forever to do basic things like access files or print? We can help find where the issues are and resolve them for you.

Network Downtime

Are you having Network slowness issues or downtime? We can help find out what is causing downtime in your Network are and help resolve them.

Network Scaling

Have you outgrown your existing Network or have you hit a wall with making additions to it? We can help fix problems in the core of your Network to allow your business to keep growing.

End to End Network Support

There are many components to your Network. Configuring everything in your Network to work properly together is essential to ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible.

LAN Support

It is not always easy to track down issues on your Local Network. Misconfigured Protocols, unoptimized Routing Protocols, missing QoS settings and improper Network Topologies can easily slow your Network to a halt.

WAN Support

An improperly configured Router or Firewall can cause multiple issues for your Network and can cause infuriating issues for your users. Sometimes an issue with your ISP can cause issues, which is not always easy to troubleshoot.

SAN Support

Are you having performance issues with your Storage Area Network? Are you having unexpected slowdowns with your Virtual Machines? It is not easy to configure a SAN, especially with shared equipment.

Wireless Support

Wireless is easy to setup but is not always easy to optimize for your business. Incorrect settings and incorrect deployments can easily take your expensive Wireless equipment and make it frustrating to use for your staff.

Small Business Networking to Datacenter Networking

Whether you have a small Network at your Office or a large one in a Datacenter, Ten Fifteen Solutions can help support you.

  • Cisco Catalyst Switches
  • Cisco Nexus Switches
  • Cisco Routers
  • Cisco ASA Firewalls
  • Cisco MDS Fiber Switches
  • Palo Alto Firewalls
  • HP ProCurve Switches
  • Aruba Switches
  • Aruba Wireless Controllers
  • Aruba Wireless Access Points
  • Meraki Access Points
  • Meraki Switches
  • Avaya ERS Switches
  • Netgear Switches
  • Brocade Switches
  • Juniper Switches
  • Juniper Firewalls
  • Ubiquiti Switches
  • Dell PowerConnect Switches
  • D-Link Switches

Networking Features

There could be many potential issues that could be causing issues within your Network. A properly built and optimzed Network utilizes multiple different Protocols and components in order to work correctly, so there could be multiple issues causing you problems.

Spanning Tree Support

Spanning Tree is a protocol that helps prevent loops in your Network Topology. It allows you to include redundant links in your Network without needing to worry about causing a loop. Configuring Spanning Tree correctly is very important for large Networks, especially if there are different Switch Vendors.

Routing Protocols

There are many Routing Protocols that you can use in your Network, mostly depending on what type of equipment you have and what type of Network Topology that you use. Configuring them correctly is very important, especially if you are mixing different protocols such as RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF or BGP.

VLAN Support

Configuring VLANs in your Network is important to be able to segregate different areas of your Network from another. Configuring VLANs correctly allow you to have PCs, Laptops, Printers, Phones and Servers in their own separate Networks within your Organization.

QoS Support

Are you experiencing Quality of Service issues with your Voice and Video in your Network? Configuring QoS is very difficult even in small Networks, especially when you are limited by slow WAN speeds.

VPN Support

Are you having trouble allowing your Staff to access your Network from home or abroad? Are you having issues with vendor VPN tunnels that are needed for your business? Troubleshooting VPN issues is never easy, but we can help.

Authentication Support

Are you having issues with 802.1X in your Network? Are you having trouble with RADIUS Authentication? Getting these protocols to work correctly is not always easy, but we can help.

Advanced Network Services

There are many essential services that are required for your Network to run properly. Depending on your environment you may

DNS Support

DNS is one of the most essential services in your Network, if it is not configured correctly it can cause unpredictable issues that will leave you and your users frustrated.

Active Directory

Active Directory is one of the mot powerful tools that Microsoft offers for identity management in a Network. Whether you are managing a few Windows PCs or managing a mix of macOS and Linux machines as well, a stable Active Directory environment is essential.

Authentication Services

Are you using authentication services such as 802.1X or RADIUS within your Network? Troubleshooting issues with these services is not always easy, especially when dealing with potentially incompatible vendors.

DHCP Support

DHCP is an essential service in any Network, regardless of the size. Managing static IP addresses is not easy and a very inefficient way to manage your Network. The larger the Network, the more difficult it is to manage DHCP.

Do You Need Help With Your Network?

Are you not sure what is wrong with your Network or are you not sure where to start?

Contact us to learn more about what Ten Fifteen Solutions can do to help you with your Network.

Do you need more than just support for your Network? Do you need a redesign of your Network? Learn more about our Network Design Services.

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Network Vendor Support

No matter what equipment you use for your Network, Ten Fifteen Solutions will be able to help you support it.

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